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Instructor's Biography:

Charles F. Seyboldt is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry. He also holds a law degree. He has been responsible for the preparation of Process and Product Risk Assessments, specifications and operation of production equipment, preparation and review of technical files for compliance to European Union Machinery and Low Voltage Directives and their related standards. He has delivered seminars on CE Marking under the auspices of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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On Site Product Review and Analysis

CE Mark

Our hands-on working session begins with our viewing of the specific machine to be evaluated, taking enough time to clearly understand its principles of operation and safety. Optionally, to put company management at ease with the process, we can then provide a 10 to 30 minute executive introduction where we summarize the requirements for CE Marking the particular machine. The bulk of our on-site time consists of working with a team of your engineering, production and service personnel. We arrive at your works with a series of printed checklists and forms that are used to facilitate the working meeting. The results of the meeting are handwritten summaries and conclusions that 1) guide design, warning and documentation changes; 2) justify unchanged aspects of the design; and 3) satisfy the formal requirements of the EU Machinery Directive (98/37/EC).

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Product Evaluation Reports

CE Mark

If you want us to prepare a report that describes the safety-related aspects of your product, and why you think it is safe enough, we are able to do that.

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Warnings and Instructions

CE Mark

Warning labels are an important part of a machine design. The US standard that describes warning label design is ANSI Z535.

A label intended to be used in the US is apt to be found "inadequate" where the case hangs on the adequacy of the label, unless the label meets the requirements of ANSI Z535.

The expectations in the European market are slightly different, because Europe is a multi-lingual country. However, all of the above-referenced pieces of information should be provided. The difference is the location of the presentation. For the EU, it is okay to have only the pictogram on the machine, and the balance of the information in the user's instruction manual. But, for the EU, the preference is to have both the pictogram and the text appear on the machine, with the text in the language of the user.

A well-designed product with effective safety labels is still incomplete without appropriate instructions. Manuals help both end users and their supervisors by giving them the tools needed to train workers to use products effectively. We develop real-world manuals and other materials that users will understand.

In all cases, we recommend that the user's instruction manual contain reproductions of ALL warning labels that are affixed to the machine; indicating their location on the machine, and in some cases, expanding and/or rephrasing the instructions.

A good user's instruction manual will contain a first chapter that has gathered all of the safety-related warnings, and will also repeat those warnings where appropriate in the sequential instructions for use.

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